Producing responsibly is of high importance to us. We know that producing clothes is not a sustainable practice. We do our best to minimize our impact on our earth and elaborate on all the efforts we make on this page. We are learning and growing together, so we are open to any suggestions, feel free to reach out.

Where we produce

The legging and the top are produced in a small factory in Portugal, Reistex. It is a family owned business and they do everything in house. They make the samples, cut the fabric, sew it into garments, iron and pack it all at the factory.

We produce our linen items in a small aterlier in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This allow us to customize items like the length of the inseam of the linen pants.

There is a lot more to share about the production partners. Soon more will be shared. Most important is that we produce in lower risk countries so that we are sure the people working in the factory do this under the right circumstances.

The fabrics we use

At the moment we work with two types of fabric. Linen for pants and shorts, recycled nylon for leggings and tops. No fabric is truly sustainable, but we want to use the most sustainable options available and suitable for yoga wear.

Linen is durable and more sustainable than other fabrics. It is one of the most biodegradable fabrics available and uses a lot less water for production compared to cotton for example. Linen can withstand higher temperatures, so you are able to wash and iron it without damaging the fabric. Our linen is OEKO-tex certified to make sure there are no harmful chemicals used during the make or dye pf this fabric. 

For yoga leggings to be more comfortable, we unfortunately need to add elastane to the fabric to make it more stretchy. Since we want the fabric to stay in a good condition for a long time, we cannot use cotton or other natural materials which wear out sooner or tend to be more fragile. Therefore we have choosem to go for recycled nylon (mixed with elastane). The fabric is tested thoroughly and it stays in a great condition after wearing the garment many times on the yoga mat.

How we ship

All our items are produced in Portugal and shipped by road to the Netherlands. One of the reasons why we produce in Europe, is that the items do not have to be send by air or sea transport. These shipping methods are highly polluting.

The items come in a recycled polybag to prevent it from getting dirty and damaged ruing shipment.

We ship the items to you in a small box made from recycled paper. You can also decide to pick-up your items in Amsterdam to save some costs and CO2.

Shipping packages always comes with a cost. We offer you to pay for the shippingcosts if your order is above a certain amount. Let's be transparent about this, since nothing is for free, even free shipping cost money ;).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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